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cabinet - summer


by doshi levien

Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design

A cabinet created by Doshi Levien — designers Nipa Doshi, born in Mumbai, and Jonathan Levien, from Scotland — one of the most unique and attractive creative pairings on the international scene.

Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design
Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design
Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design
Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design
Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design

Shanty was inspired by the patchwork of corrugated stainless steel used to build many of the temporary or improvised homes throughout the world, from India to Brazil. Its attraction lies in the beauty of imperfection. Its body is an asymmetrical volume and each door opens differently. The collection comes in two finishes: Shanty Summer and Shanty Winter, with greater or less colour, with feet in matte gold.


Shanty Small: 130 x 98 x 52 cm
Model A: 206 x 98 x 52 cm
Model B: 208 x 98 x 52 cm





BD Barcelona Design

materials and finishes

Modules in MDF fibreboard with a lacquered matte finish, joined together using a mechanical fixing system.
Doors in MDF fibreboard with a mechanised waveform frontal and matte lacquered finish.
8mm painted glass top.
Octagonal legs made of extruded anodised gold aluminium.
Structure in tubular steel with welded strips to assemble legs.

shanty summer
ncs white
NCS S 1000 N
NCS white - BD Barcelona Design
ncs red
NCS S 2050-Y90R
NCS red - BD Barcelona Design
ncs pink
NCS S 3010-Y70R
NCS pink - BD Barcelona Design
ncs brown
NCS S 4000 N
NCS brown - BD Barcelona Design
ncs blue
NCS S 4030-B10G
NCS blue - BD Barcelona Design
ncs green
NCS S 6020 G
NCS green - BD Barcelona Design
ncs black
NCS S 8500 N
NCS black - BD Barcelona Design

versions of shanty

Shanty  Cabinet - Winter  - BD Barcelona Design
cabinet - winter
Shanty cabinet summer - BD Barcelona Design
cabinet - summer








technical sheet



3ds, igs, skp, obj, step


dwg, dxf


Doshi Levien - BD Barcelona Design
doshi levien

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